Do's and do nots for 2020 weddings

Updated: Mar 6

Wedding Buzz!

What's hot and what's not for 2020. Flowers dried flowers are in instead of fresh. The color we are seeing a change in pastels to stronger bolder colors. Brides are more economically aware of things now. The big thing is long weekend weddings, after parties, and even a day to recover from the big event. Events are becoming more smaller and intimate. The sweet buffet is being ditched for a coffee bar. Purple is the most used color at weddings followed by classic blue. Barn weddings are those of the past for a venue Ditch the favors and do welcome bags. I do not know how many events I have planned where the favors just get left behind on the table. Instead of a regular cocktail hour why not have a wine tasting station? What the bridesmaids and maid of honor have to buy their dress? What's in nonmatching dresses and department store finds. In 2020 we are seeing bridesmaids wearing pants suits or even tuxedos. Toasts keep them to a minimum its no longer in to have a ton of speeches. When choosing your bridal party minimum is the best it saves space and responsibility on everyone. While it is cool to have a wedding website that tracks your invites it's still proper to send out actual invitations, and do not forget the save date cards. Baby's Breathe is making a come back leave out Palms and pampas grass! Fireworks are no longer in opt for bubbles, sparklers, or confetti. In 2020 more women will propose to men. Now couples are stepping it up by not having a traditional reception with a DJ or band. Some are having comedians, fortune tellers, laser tag, and making signature cocktails. So here's the buzz what's next for your 2020 wedding.